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      Chengdu Analog Circuit Technology Inc. (Actt) was founded in 2011 with headquarter is in Chengdu, China. It is a leading company in IP and Turnkey service provider. The major products include very low-power & high cost effective analog IPs and high reliable eNVM solutions(LogicFlash®)。Actt had successfully enabled several analog platforms in MCU, very low-power IoT applications, security, Interface….etc. 

       In 2017, Actt announced world leading ultra-low power IoT analog IP platform, and announced NB-IoT chip with China leading fab-less company, which is the lowest power consumption in NB-IoT application of the world.

       Actt will provide the flexible IP and solution for customer, help customers to reduce the cost, risk and complete the MCU/SoC design faster.

As China's largest and most complete, and with independent intellectual property rights of ultra-low power consumption IoT analog IP and high reliability eNVM IP vendors, Actt geared to the needs of global customers to provide professional, completed ultra low power analog IPs, mixed-signal IPs and high reliability eNVM solutions, covering from 14 nm to 350 nm CMOS, BiCMOS and BCD, SiGe, HV craft process.

       1. High reliability eNVM solution: Actt's eNVM solutions includes embedded MTP(LogicFlash®) and other IPs, providing customers with one-stop eNVM solutions. Actt's eNVM technology has cooperated with more than 10 foundries in world-wide, completed silicon verification at dozens of process nodes, and reached cooperation agreements with many chip design companies to support customers' new product development and mass production. Actt's eNVM IP has been widely used in MCU, PMIC, RF SoC, Analog IC, automotive electronics and other application fields. Its excellent performance and high reliability are trusted by more and more customers.

       2. Ultra-low power analog IP: MCU/IoT/AIoT/NB-IoT analog IP platform was successfully developed based on 22nm, 40nm and 55nm, including a full set of nA level ultra-low power analog IP, including 50nA ultra-low power LDO, 80nA Bandgap, zero static power POR, 25uA ultra-low power DCDC, 0.8uw SAR-ADC, 0.5uw PLL and multi-function IO library supporting low-power mode. Actt have successfully cooperated with many customers for NB-IoT products. Basing on 55nm, 110nm, 130nm, 180nm and other CMOS and embedded-flash technologies to provide MCU analog IP platform, including: Embedded non-volatile memory, MTP (LogicFlash®), high-speed interface, clock, digital to analog to digital conversion, low-power PMU, CMOS sensor and other IPs. This platform has been adopted by many MCU manufacturers.

       3. One-stop chip solution:Actt can provide comprehensive and flexible IP customized services, according to customer requriments to tailor a full set of design solutions. Actt has worlds leading ultra-low power analog IP and high reliability eNVM IP, cooperate with the integrated circuit industry chain upstream and downstream of all kinds of resources, to establish strategic cooperative relations with world-wide many companies including:fabs、assembly、 test companies、universities、research institutions, so as to form including IP customization, manufature and testing services, back-end design services and the Spec to chip or Spec to the system service, to provides one-stop service for world-wide customers.

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