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Ultra-low Power Analog IP Platform

        Actt successfully developed NB-IoT /IoT analog IP platform based on 22nm, 40nm and 55nm process, including a full set of nA level ultra-low power analog IPs, including 50nA ultra-low power LDO, 80nA Bandgap, zero static power POR, 25uA ultra-low power DCDC, 0.8uw SAR-ADC, 0.5uw PLL and multi-function IO library supporting low-power mode.We have successfully cooperated with many NB-IoT products for our customers.Basing on 55nm, 110nm, 130nm, 180nm and other CMOS and Embedded flash processes, MCU analog IP platform has been successfully developed, including: Embedded non-volatile memory MTP (LogicFlash®) , high-speed interface, clock, digital-to-analog conversion, low-power PMU, CMOS sensor and other IP, this platform has been adopted by many MCU manufacturers.

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