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One-stop Turnkey Service

      Actt can provide comprehensive and flexible IP customized services, according to customer requriments to tailor a full set of design solutions. Actt has worlds leading ultra-low power analog IP and high reliability eNVM IP, cooperate with the integrated circuit industry chain upstream and downstream of all kinds of resources, to establish strategic cooperative relations with world-wide many companies including:fabs、assembly、 test companies、universities、research institutions, so as to formincluding IP customization, manufature and testing services, back-end design services and the Spec to chip or Spec to the system service, to provides one-stop service for world-wide customers.

ASIC/SoC/MCU Design Service

              ■Rich experiences for dozens of chips from design to successful tapeout

           ■Support mainstream processes from 0.5um to 14nm

           ■Familiar with Flatten flow and Hierachical design flow

           ■Successful case:Audio/Video SoC, X86 CPU,ARM-based MCU and etc

           ■Rich experiences with high reliability ESD (HBM 6KV, 8KV) design

           ■Rich experiences for high performance SoC/MCU design (frequency up to 1.8Ghz)

           ■Rich experiences for ultra-low power SoC/MCU design

Turnkey back-end service

           ■Rich experiences for processes from 0.35um to 14nm
           ■Cooperation with 16+ Foundries in worldwide
           ■Provide high quality IPs

(2)Tapeout Service
           ■MPW/Full Mask/MLM Tapeout
           ■Job desk view service
           ■Bussiness & technical support
(3)Quality service
           ■Pilot run
           ■Corner Split before mass production
           ■Risk run and mass production
           ■Yield control


Fast Packaging

Can provide professional packaging technology services and fast delivery, in order to achieve quality service and product quality.

(1)Package(Die to Package)

           ■The fastest delivery time is 7 days, supports mainstream packaging factories

           ■Package type:TO series、TSOT、DIP、SOP、QFP、TSSOP、QFN、DFN、BGA

(2)COB and ceramic rapid packaging

           ■High-end COB package --RFID and other types


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